Injinji Socks

We at AllSports & Family Podiatry truly care for the feet of our clients. We know that your feet deserve the full pleasure of walking, jumping, and running comfortably, free from strain and irritation. That is why AllSports & Family Podiatry wants you to wear the best possible protection and covering for your feet – and those include your socks.

If you believe that life is a journey you can walk and run through with (a bit of) comfort and ease, then Injinji Socks are the right socks for your feet. If you are a person who makes most out of life through sports and athletic pursuits, your feet should always be an essential consideration – Injinji Socks can fill up that void.

Since its beginning in 1999, Injinji Socks has always been committed to its goal of ensuring the health and performance of feet. Just like us in AllSports & Family Podiatry, the makers of Injinji Socks believe that…

…starting from the ground up just makes sense since our feet play such a vital role in almost everything we do.

The community of Injinji Socks comprises athletes who are dedicated to taking action and pushing physical boundaries.

AllSports & Family Podiatry offers the most up to date and comprehensive podiatry service and footwear products, which are readily available to our clients of all ages and all walks of life. AllSports & Family Podiatry is the prime distributor of Injinji Socks in Perth, Western Australia (WA).