Podiatric Dry Needling

Podiatric dry needling is the use of small needles as a therapeutic device, by Podiatrists, to treat illness of the lower limbs, to offer pain relief.

The needles are placed along specific pathways or meridians at acupoints, or at trigger points. They promote the release of natural pain relievers called Endorphins, which help relieve the discomfort associated with painful conditions.

Dry needling has been used to treat numerous podiatric clinical problems. It can be utilized to deal with issues such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma and leg cramps. Dry needling can be effective as the only therapy utilized, or as the support or accessory to various other podiatry treatment in numerous medical and surgical conditions.

The number of therapies are required?

The number of treatments varies from individual to person for intricate or long-standing conditions, a couple of therapies a week for numerous weeks might be advised. For severe problems, generally fewer visits are required, and for health maintenance, 4 sessions a year might be all that is essential. Most people require between 3 to 8 therapies, and some individuals need to return for routine “top up” therapies every few months.