Not sure what type of shoes to buy for your child’s feet? Learn how to support growing feet at school and beyond.

Your child’s feet will spend most of their growth period in school shoes. This is why it is so important to seek expert advice on the correct fitting of school shoes. Whether your child is sitting, standing, walking or running; their feet are always on the move.

Common back to school mistakes
1. As your child grow and change, their feet do too! Shoes that were suitable for your child a year ago may not be so now.
2. Wearing shoes that are too short or narrow can cause the skin to rub against the shoe resulting in painful blisters, callouses and ingrown toenails.
3. Wearing shoes that are too long or broad can cause trips and falls.
4. Your child shouldn’t need to ‘break them in’, shoes should feel comfortable immediately.
5. Don’t ignore pain. When shoes cause pain, it can affect your child’s concentration and mood at school.

Back to school shoe tips
1. A firm heel counter for stability.
2. A firm shank helps to support midfoot and prolong the life of the shoe.
3. The length of the shoe should be a thumb’s width longer than the longest toe.
4. Avoid shoes made from synthetic materials as children’s feet perspire and need to be able to breathe.
5. Leave the shoe fitting till the afternoon or evening as your child’s feet tend to swell towards the end of the day.

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